Arms of Prayer

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Arms of Prayer,
Reaching out to bless the world in peace.
This my heart knows
as it silently recites the sacred whisper God bestows.
Hushed, in solemn splendour of an awe-filled realm,
the Spirit touches deep
to tell the soul of loveliest grace and mercy given onto thee.

There is no sorrow now among this distant sea
where white wings send the breath prayers back to God.
This altar of Divine bliss sweetens any darker thought
into a song;
In praise the temple of this space resounds.

O Holy Soul that might be given such depth
of majesty to behold;
Stand in the shadow for too much is Light:
The Radiance streameth on,
and you are kept upon the earth
to wonder at its brilliant sight.

~ Anna Lin

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Merciful Love


Merciful Love

Anna Lin,
One of Grace and Beauty,
dweller in Merciful Love ~ ~ ~

This Rose I give to you
as essence of the love you’re meant to be,
Gift of the sorrow that has ruled your pain.
Now meant to open as the flower of Love,
Fragrance of myrrh that wise ones
through you bring . . .
mingled with grief of all that you have been.

Know this,
that now the petals bloom,
show forth this Beauty . . . Love and Grace unfold.
Take now the story of your toil,
raise it to life,
so others too may heal.

Wonderful mercy of a gentle flower,
abundant blessing given
amidst the thorns.
Nourish compassion in the way of peace,
Fervently follow the way of Christ, your Lord.

There is such Love,
poured out upon you now . . .
Anointing the remembrance
of broken hearted dreams.

No longer shall the fears infest your soul
for you are raised to triumph as a King’s
most cherished being.

~ Anna Lin
(October 5, 2000)

Tinged with age, but still calls me forth to new life ~ ~ ~


Listen ~ Look ~ Breathe

Listen for the sounds unleashed in the silence.
Listen for the voices of stone that cry out to the glory of God.
Look for the sights unveiled by the rising sun.

Look for the blossoms shimmering in morning light,
singing God’s praise.
Breathe in the gift of faithful promises.
Breathe in the hope of a future world, now but not yet,
where freedom triumphs, peace and abundance reign.

(Christine Sine –

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The Day The Leaves Came Out


The day was still – – – and bright – – and warm – – –
– – – the day the leaves came out . . . . .


Bumblebees hummed incessantly among the trout lilies –
forget-me-nots – – and yellow dandelions – –
sparkling crystal dragonflies seemed suspended
in the still air – – – butterflies had left their cocoons
and were slowly fanning their colored wings – – – –
– – – the day the leaves came out . . . .

Not one by one – – – – but – spontaneously they
seemed to break their casings – – – – and tiny leaves
completely formed hung from all the branches – – – –
– – – – and soon


the woods stood shimmering – – – – a delicate fantasy
– – – – the wind was still
– – – – – the air was warm
a great phenomenon of life took place
– – – the day the leaves came out . . . . .

~ Gwen Frostic (exerpts from her poem)

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Once More . . .


Once more to winter-worn spirits
nature has given spring,
Once more in mountain and meadow,
birds have started to sing;
Trees flaunt traces of reborn green,
Spring brooks sparkle their banks between,
For the warmth of a high-hung sun
resurrection has begun.

Once more Easter anthems
gladden the morning air,
Once more joy in hope renewed
is evidenced everywhere;
Glad hearts quicken life’s pulsing flow,
Faces are lit with an inner glow,
For once more we can say,
“Christ the Lord is risen today!”

~ Robert F. Keagle

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Easter Joy and Gladness

This day of Joy and Gladness
now comes to raise me up

To live a life of praises
for new life that is given.

For Jesus, You have triumphed
and shown us all the way

To overcome the challenges
that keep us laid away.

So hidden in the tombs
that bind us ever still

Lying in dead silence
no voice to do Your will.

Come, take my hand
and raise me up
into the glorious heights

That I may serve in faithfulness
my days as shining Light.

~ Anna Lin

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Camas Lilies

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Consider the lilies of the field,
the blue banks of camas
opening into acres of sky along the road.
Would the longing to lie down
and be washed by that beauty
abate if you knew their usefulness,
how the natives ground their bulbs
for flour, how the settlers’ hogs
uprooted them, grunting in gleeful
oblivion as the flowers fell?

And you — what of your rushed
and useful life? Imagine setting it all down —
papers, plans, appointments, everything —
leaving only a note: “Gone
to the fields to be lovely. Be back
when I’m through with blooming.”

Even now, unneeded and uneaten,
the camas lilies gaze out above the grass
from their tender blue eyes.
Even in sleep your life will shine.
Make no mistake. Of course
your work will always matter.
Yet Solomon in all his glory
was not arrayed like one of these.

~ Lynn Ungar

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