April Days Bring The Rain


April days
bring the rain
when all is washed
with nourishment and care ~ ~
the baptism of re-birth
as nature’s way to begin anew.


So shall my life be
this April morn ~ ~
the cleansing of my heart
restores my soul.
~ Anna Lin


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The Day The Leaves Came Out


The day was still – – – and bright – – and warm – – –
– – – the day the leaves came out . . . . .


Bumblebees hummed incessantly among the trout lilies –
forget-me-nots – – and yellow dandelions – –
sparkling crystal dragonflies seemed suspended
in the still air – – – butterflies had left their cocoons
and were slowly fanning their colored wings – – – –
– – – the day the leaves came out . . . .

Not one by one – – – – but – spontaneously they
seemed to break their casings – – – – and tiny leaves
completely formed hung from all the branches – – – –
– – – – and soon


the woods stood shimmering – – – – a delicate fantasy
– – – – the wind was still
– – – – – the air was warm
a great phenomenon of life took place
– – – the day the leaves came out . . . . .

~ Gwen Frostic (exerpts from her poem)

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Creator Of All Life

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Creator Of All Life,

As the seasons shift now ~
everywhere I see signs of Your creative power.

I behold Your glory in the tiniest bud
that bursts forth from the dark earth
searching for the light.

I see Your beauty unfolding
as the first radiant flower of the Spring.

Every tree stands ready to begin
the dance of new beginnings
as their leaves form ever stronger.

And so it is, that something stirs within me too ~
~ awakening me to the blessings of each new day
~ receiving the abundance of the glory You display
~ magnificence in all creation sings as I bow to pray.

Creator Of All Life,
Thank you for Your Beauty.
My heart sings out Your praise!

~ Morning Prayers of Anna Lin

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Earth Day: A Song Of The Soul

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The new earth
is in bloom,
and we shall
have spring;
at long last
the winter is o’er.

How beautiful
are the
that delight
my heart
my spirit so.

I rest
upon the thought
of gratitude,
to the One
makes them grow.

In all this
I rejoice ~
and thus,
then sings
my soul.

~ Anna Lin
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It Must Be Spring


There is a mildness in the air ~
A softness in the soil;
And there is less of weariness
In struggle and in toil.
The sun is somewhat warmer now ~
The sky a brighter blue;
And something seems to tell the heart
That life is fresh and new.

It must be time for spring again ~
And time to look around;
For greener grass and flowers fair
To decorate the ground.
The snow and ice have disappeared
Where now the rivers flow;
And fertile fields are stirring in
Their eagerness to grow.

The soul is filled with faith and hope
And joy in everything;
It must be time to live again
I must be really spring.

~ James J. Metcalfe