Poet Now

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Listening . . .
Speaking . . .
Words that come,
Like a drumbeat
with each moment.
Telling of the
ancient sands
that dance about me
on this sunlit day.

Eagle voice
and splashing waves,
Patter of Molly
on the rocks;
to welcome joy
into the soul at play.

Water . . .
that knows its way
in ebb and flow upon
the beach this day.
Moving into mystery
of mire and crag,
Filling up the emptiness about;
Covering over waiting life
that stands upon the rock.
To be alive again with gentle water . . .
as it comes again.

~ Anna Lin
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Mother Earth ~ Our Grandmother

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Today we surround ourselves with the Green Robe of the Mother Earth, our Grandmother. She is a greening thing, a Flowering Tree that sends up her shoots to shade and delight, to nurture and rest you. She is a stream of running water, a cup to drink, a cleansing bath to restore the body, a benediction to renew each moment.

Let her winds wrap you in gentle, powerful blankets. Let her voice soothe your thoughts and fears, the things of long ago that wound you still. Let her words and sounds comfort you until you hear only the voice of her prayer; the wind, the streams, the flowing rivers, the pounding sea, the rains and thunder, the song of birds, the cry of wolves, the whistle of hawk and eagle, the flutter of tiny moths, the droning ones, the silence.

Today, as you walk in her forest, her generous carpets of mulch and leaf, stone and clay, her beds of cedar and moss, remember to walk there in soft, in reverent, in mindful dance. Greet everything around you — and speak to the earth you touch.

Breathe deeply and slowly, letting all that harms you go.
Receive her gifts. Let the Holy Fire come up and bless you.
Step softly, and walk as if you had no place to go.

~  adapted from Djohariah Toor,  Songs from the Mountain







Summer Songs

A Summer Prayer

The summer day is filled with sounds of life.
I add my voice to them with a song of gratitude and love.
The earth is traveling on a threefold mystical journey, as it whirls in the dance of day and night and makes its annual pilgrimage around the source of its life, the sun, and moves outward into boundless space. I too am traveling this day on my pilgrim’s path. I pause to remember who I am and how I can respond to you, my God.
I want to walk in the way that heals and restores my body and freshens my soul.
Help me to see your presence in all of life.

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Denman Beach


Sunlight –
warmth upon my body
and my soul.
Blazen message of this time to BE.
in God’s path alone,
Knowing all that comes
is meant for me.

Gift of a moment,
sifting sands move on,
Flowing outward –
into depths of night,
Lost forever, chance
to see beyond,
In the morrow,
comes again in sight.

~  Anna Lin