Quiet Moments


I lift my eyes up to the mountains, where does my  help come from?

My help comes from the LORD ~ Creator of heaven and earth.

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Healer of my soul ~ Quiet me in Holy Stillness

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Where God begins to BE ~ ~ ~

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O how blessed is this place ~

Filled with Solace, Light and Grace

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Windows to the soul ~ ~ ~

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You have only to be still  ~ ~ ~

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Carry the Light ~ ~ ~

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HOME ~ ~ ~ that is another word for peace.   – Kathleen Norris

Jesus 9164aa83360a472516ff6e587836a91d

Have you seen Jesus, my Lord?

Rumi quote  1011238_664152360298544_2090261052_n

 R24 a56324238be144be89462218307047d4

Lift me up to the Rock
that is higher than I.

R21 a2d5102e97c0b7d653f3905f0a2d6a1a

Falling into Grace ~ ~ ~


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