Silent The Leaves

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Silent the leaves often are and secretive,
but just as often they converse as if the secret
were too good to be kept to themselves.
Whispering in a breeze, rustling, even singing
and always in harmony with the wind that plays to them,
they give their message.

~ Elizabeth Yates in A Book of Hours
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Pondering The Mysteries Of The Soul


All the leaves are gone – – and the sky is gray

The beauty of Autumn is fading into Frost Time;
I see the glistening upon the branches, stark and bare.

I feel my body sinking deeper into hibernation mode,
Wanting to rest from my labors now that summer’s o’er.

It’s such a good time to BE in reflection – –
Retreat Time for awhile.

There’s much to ponder as I think about new ideas
that have come my way – –
to stretch and grow – evolving into more of being
fully human, and divine. Continue reading

Through All The Seasons Of Mercy


Crimson leaves upon the vine;
Partakers of your suffering love.
Soon to drop, and fall, and die,
Bearing life into the earth.

Memories of former days,
When in your light the life blood flowed;
Recalling moments,
sounds of jay –
Celebration of the spring.

Winter white shall shroud your passing,
Covering o’er the mournful death;
Only time can reawaken,
Bursting forth new life at last.

~  Anna Lin

Into The Autumn Of My Life

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Into the Autumn of my life I come
in gratitude for days gone by.
Moments of joy ~ but also grief;
A life of wholeness lived through me.

The present moment is a pause
to rest, reflect upon the way.
To shelter each memory
with tender care
to offer thanks
for blessings that could
be fully given for
my growth in grace: Continue reading