Like Gentle Dew ~ ~ ~ All Shall Be Well

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Your word, O Lord, like gentle dew
falls softly on my heart of hearts,
awakening me to all the glory
of this blessed day.

I behold your wonder within
a single flower –
rejoicing in the abundance of
beauty that your grace bestows.

Walking forth to meet the dawn
I carry with me the Presence
of your love —
to guide each step
with your unending care.

In the brightness of your Light
I see the way ~ ~
new vistas that shine love into each hour;
and all now shall be well . . . all shall be well.

~ Anna Lin

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There Is Always Hope

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In the Divine Mystery of darkness and light, there is always HOPE

HOPE is:
Alluring sunshine
In the Inauthentic “happiness”
There is Dark
Fear in the unknown shadows
Terror in the disclosure of internal pain
I know darkness so consuming that only eternal sleep will relieve the relentless pain
Even when light is not visible
Knowing that the dawn will come
Knowing that in the light the deepest shadows open
Walking in the promise of light
Means knowing that the dark will return
Nights where the moon sheds light on the path
And moonless nights where stepping out blindly from a faith you knew not you possessed
Always , always , always,
The dawn will come .

~ Thank you, Anne Kern, for permission to share your poem today