Keeping Silence: What Is It Good For?

Silence is the practice of holding grace within your soul. Contemplate where you feel grace being distributed to you. Follow the flow of grace to where it leads: What part of your inner life is being illuminated for you to examine? What is being asked of you? You are receiving guidance. Identify it here. Consciously recognize it in every part of your being, every sense, mind and body. For every prayer, there is a response. For every thought, there is a counterthought. For every action, there is a ruling of your conscience. You are never without divine guidance; you are never outside the orbit of divine sight. You have only to pay attention, to observe, to listen, to feel, and to respond. Responding heightens your senses and attunes you to your soul. Pay attention. You received it. Now accept it. Be quick. Respond from within your Castle.

~ Caroline Myss, Entering the Castle, p. 237