What I Really Really Want Is What I Really Really Desire


As you continue to determine your intentions for this new year, it’s helpful to distinguish between your wants and your desires. Your wants are mostly all of your cravings for more material things: a bigger house, fancier car, new clothes, the latest iPhone and other gadgets.

They’re the kind of things people often put on their Vision Boards – –
hoping to manifest a more abundant life of stuff. Although there’s a whole industry telling us we’ll be happier having this “prosperous” life, studies show that these things only account for 10-15% of our happiness in life.  And once we get these material things, our sense of happiness quickly goes away and we want more.

True happiness and well-being come from creating a meaningful life in accordance with our life purpose. These are the desires of our heart and soul – – our deepest longings to live a life that matters. How sad it is that people spend most of their life energy chasing after what brings false happiness and have little time to reflect and act on what brings the greatest joy. Continue reading