Fear And The Ebola Virus

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Fear of the Ebola virus is sweeping across North America.
People are dealing with the threats of the illness in different ways.
I want to share some research I have learned recently in the hope that it can bring greater understanding to this situation.

Fear is a natural body response when we feel our life may be in danger.
It can be our best friend to warn us to protect ourselves for survival.
Many people I know (let’s call them People A ) will be aware of the threat of Ebola and will dismiss any twinge of fear because their rational mind tells them there is actually no real threat to their lives at this moment.

But others I know (let’s call them People B) will hang on to the fear – cycling thoughts and feelings of all possible dangers over and over and over in their minds and bodies.

People A will tell them: “Stop this fear. You just need to trust in God – in your Higher Power. You have nothing to be afraid of.”

And People B will wonder: “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be like them, (People A) and have enough trust and faith that all will be well? I must be a terrible person to keep having this fear.” Continue reading