I Sit, To Be The Faithful One

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I sit,
to be
the faithful one
that comes to you
each day ~
Listening for
the word
that heals my soul.

There can be
not a better way
to know the path
I trod
than hearing Love
sent to me
from the Source.

This life
I live
is filled now
with delight ~
as rising
I embrace
each joyous day.

Forever singing
of Your highest praise
~ together
we venture forth
in Holy Light.

~ Anna Lin
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Easter Rising ~ ~ ~

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This day of Joy and Gladness
now comes to raise me up

To live a life of praises
for new life that is given.

For Jesus, You have triumphed
and shown us all the way

To overcome the challenges
that keep us laid away.

So hidden in the tombs
that bind us ever still

Lying in dead silence
no voice to do Your will.

Come, take my hand
and raise me up
into the glorious heights

That I may serve in faithfulness
my days as shining Light.

~ Anna Lin
Photo at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/543668986239233676/