Day 5: Living Below The Line – The Feeding Of Our Souls

Yesterday I did not feel well at all.
When our bodies begin to lose fat, the toxins stored there
are released and can begin to affect vital organs. We may
become ill.

Like the bees, pesticides have affected my cytochrome p450
pathway that allows the body to detoxify chemicals. For me,
it has resulted in Acute Intermittent Porphyria. Like the bees,
my body becomes disoriented and stops functioning properly.
It’s a very unpleasant experience!
So yesterday, when my health began to falter, I had to eat
extra food to re-balance everything and stop the downward

It’s a scary experience when I see this happening. I won’t
go into all the nasty details, but it can be life-altering and even
life-threatening – so I live to avoid this occurrence.

What I know for sure – after years of practice – is that no
matter what – I have the Presence of God with me always.
We all do. For me, God is present in the form of Jesus Christ.
For you, the Divine may be experienced in another way.
I honor that.

As we see every day in the news – through wars and famine,
through floods and hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes,
through accidents and acts of terrorism, through unexpected
illness or loss of income – our health and wealth can
disappear in an instant.
But the Presence of the Divine is with us forever –
to empower us and give us peace.

The greatest gift for anyone living with hardship in their life
is coming to rely on this Presence of Love and Grace in
all things. It is the one thing needed to feed our souls
and to heal the world. May it be so for us this day.