What God Wants You To Know More Than Anything Else ~ ~ ~

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I LOVE YOU with an everlasting Love.

More than any other message throughout the Bible, God is constantly sharing this deep, steadfast Love for all of humankind.

In the challenges of life we may become so focused on our life circumstances that we forget this abiding Presence of Love and Grace.

Then, as we pause for a moment ~ just a single moment to be aware of God’s Presence ~ the Love beyond all understanding flows through us and we are strengthened for the tasks of the day.
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Keeping Silence

The LORD is in His Holy Temple
Let all the earth keep silence before Him
Keep silence
Keep silence
Before Him.

On this day, I am remembering this prelude to prayer that I learned as a young girl.
Being an overactive child with ADHD, I didn’t appreciate the idea of “keeping silence”.
The truth is, I still  have a tendency to want to experience ALL of life ~ sometimes leading me into a frenzy of over-doing, over-achieving, over-activity.

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