Send Love

Send love


It’s 3 AM and I’m up to have my quiet time and do some writing.

This pattern has been part of my life for many many years.
It’s my favorite time of the day ~ to be still ~ reflect ~ and write
what’s on my heart;

~ to play beautiful music of worship and praise
~ to know the Presence of the Divine with me in total silence
~ to meditate on the Word and learn my tasks for the day,
and to pray ~ ~ ~

So here I am and here to BE ~ in blessing all around I sing Your praise.

The Spirit talks softly to my wearied soul. Continue reading

96 Crayons


There’s still a wonderful thrill from childhood that comes upon me when I open a box of new crayons. The idea that I can create anything I want on a blank piece of paper, and design it in any colors I choose, gives a sense of freedom and empowerment. So one day I went out and bought myself a BIG box of crayons — 96 of them! I started by studying the names of the colors, names such as: sky blue, razzle dazzle rose, sunglow, granny smith apple, tumbleweed, neon carrot, purple mountain’s majesty, bittersweet, tickle me pink, dandelion, and timber wolf. Then I organized them in groups: pinks, purples, oranges, yellows, browns and blacks, blues and greens. This act in itself was a healing moment. Then I began to draw. I began to draw pieces of myself through the form of a sort of mandala. I began with the center of the page and worked my way out, choosing colors that spoke to me about feelings for the day. I drew until the feelings were fully evident — sometimes BOLD and VIVID colors, sometimes soft and gentle. Sometimes in ordered Beauty — some times in scribbled chaos. I did not know ahead of time what would emerge. I just let my right brain guide me to whatever needed to come forth for that day. There was something healing about making the crayon go round & round & round the circle — getting it out of the sub-conscious and into the Light.

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Holy Ground

“One learns to respect the significance of place, and the promise of a piece of land.  In the stories of the Bible we read that seekers often went to the mountain to hear the word of the Lord.  Some still do — and for some, it becomes holy ground.”
From   A Faithing Oak  by Robert A. Raines Continue reading

Healing Soul Streams

Healer of my soul  ~  Quiet me in Holy Stillness

For over 15 years this has been my prelude to prayer as I begin a reflective time with God every morning.  I don’t even remember exactly how these words came to me ~  but I knew that there was some deep significance for my life ~  so I just kept going with them day by day.  Over time I began to see that what was needed more than anything in my life was the healing of my soul.  If my soul could heal ~ everything in my life would come together for my highest and best good. Continue reading