The Ground I Stand On Is Holy

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I do not have to go
To Sacred Places
In far-off lands,
The ground I stand on is holy.

Here, in this little garden
I tend
My pilgrimage ends.

The wild honeybees
The hummingbird moths
The flickering fireflies at dusk
are a microcosm
Of The Universe.
Each seed that grows
Each spade of soil
is full of miracles.

And I toil and sweat
And watch and wonder
And am full of love
Living in place –
In this place
For truth and beauty Dwell here.

~ Mary de La Valette
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Holy Ground

“One learns to respect the significance of place, and the promise of a piece of land.  In the stories of the Bible we read that seekers often went to the mountain to hear the word of the Lord.  Some still do — and for some, it becomes holy ground.”
From   A Faithing Oak  by Robert A. Raines Continue reading