Come, O Jesus

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Their prince shall be one of their own,
their ruler shall come from their midst;
I will let him come freely into my presence
and he can come close to me;
who else indeed, would risk their life
by coming close to me?
It is Yahweh who speaks.
You shall be my people and
I will be your God.
~ Jeremiah 30:21-22

These words speak to me of intimacy.
This is what the incarnation brings –
this is the coming of Christ into our lives –
a blending of human and divine in intimate communion.
I have so much to learn of this intimacy.
I fear it . . .and in my hurriedness, in my muchness
and manyness I flee from this God who would know
my very being – who would dwell with me in such
closeness that we are ONE.
Then there can be no deception.
Then I must be who I must be. NO WALLS –
no veil – just standing before God in humility and awe.
This is who I am at the Burning Bush –
standing on such Holy Ground that the fire sears my soul.
I feel weak, numb, unworthy. . .such that my very sandals
must be removed as a sign of reverence.

Oh how I fear this intimacy, and yet, I realize our journey
is in fact moving step by step closer to intimacy with God.
Each step is an unravelling of deceptions – a removal
of the layers of untruth we have wrapped about ourselves.
It is very powerful to be willing to stand completely vulnerable
before the Lord, our God. We do not know the impact of
what we are saying when we invite God into our lives –
and yet we blithely pray: “Come, Lord Jesus”

And so, he comes today.

~ Anna Lin, Advent Journal 2002