Know Your Life Values ~ ~ Your Truth


Going Deeper ~ ~ Know Your Life Values ~ ~ Your Truth

Gentle people: Today is a good day to focus on what you value most in life.
What are the ideals, morals, and principles . . . the TRUTHS by which you
choose to live?

If you make a list, it might include things like:

freedom   family   education   world peace   civil rights

love   compassion   faith   spirituality   beauty   wealth

truth   prayer   diversity   women’s rights   simplicity   God

fame   wisdom   fun   openness   human rights   reading

solitude   the Arts   health   learning   connections with others

time for oneself   personal development   study   animal rights

worship   creativity   care for the environment

Go ahead and make a random list of things that come to mind.
Everything is acceptable here.

After you’ve made a list, draw a circle around 5 of these that you think
are most significant to your life. Then, on another sheet of paper draw
a large circle. Thinking of this circle as a clock. Add in the approximate time each day, or week, that you devote to these 5 life values. In the remaining space note where you actually spend your time.

I find it’s important to reflect upon our life values every year because
they really do change. I used to spend most of my time on my health –
trying to find ways to recover from diazinon poisoning. Then I realized I was missing out on LIFE. There was so much I could still do even with
limited health, and that was even more healing!

It’s also easy to get distracted from what we really value in life and get stuck on a path that leads us away from who we truly are.

Are you living the things you value most in life?

May you be guided to know the truth about yourself.

With grace and peace to you,
Anna Lin