Merciful Love


Merciful Love

Anna Lin,
One of Grace and Beauty,
dweller in Merciful Love ~ ~ ~

This Rose I give to you
as essence of the love you’re meant to be,
Gift of the sorrow that has ruled your pain.
Now meant to open as the flower of Love,
Fragrance of myrrh that wise ones
through you bring . . .
mingled with grief of all that you have been.

Know this,
that now the petals bloom,
show forth this Beauty . . . Love and Grace unfold.
Take now the story of your toil,
raise it to life,
so others too may heal.

Wonderful mercy of a gentle flower,
abundant blessing given
amidst the thorns.
Nourish compassion in the way of peace,
Fervently follow the way of Christ, your Lord.

There is such Love,
poured out upon you now . . .
Anointing the remembrance
of broken hearted dreams.

No longer shall the fears infest your soul
for you are raised to triumph as a King’s
most cherished being.

~ Anna Lin
(October 5, 2000)

Tinged with age, but still calls me forth to new life ~ ~ ~


It Cannot Be Denied

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It Cannot Be Denied

Only Jesus ~ Christ alone
I have learned to love and honor God
through him – the Savior of my Soul

My love is deep
do not deny it
by trying to pretend otherwise

for it cannot be denied

  • it is the ground of my being
  • it is the truth of my essence
  • it is the healing of my soul

this love that dwells within

and cannot be denied

Let this love reign
Let this love heal
to soothe my bitter woes.

I sit within my silent realm
to know this love of Christ

No greater love than this can be –

it cannot be denied.

~ Anna Lin
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Come Back To Me With All Your Heart

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“Come back to me with all your heart . . .”
~ Joel 2:12

COME TO ME, Come to Me, Come to Me.
This is My continual invitation to you,
proclaimed in holy whispers.
When your heart and mind are quiet,
you can hear Me inviting you to draw near.
Coming close to Me requires no great effort
on your part; it is more like ceasing to resist
the magnetic pull of My Love. Open yourself
to My loving Presence, so that I may fill you
with My fullness. I want you to experience
how wide and long and high and deep is
My Love for you, so that you can know My Love
that surpasses knowledge. This vast ocean
of Love cannot be measured or explained,
but it can be experienced.

~ Sarah Young, in Jesus Calling
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Like Gentle Dew ~ ~ ~ All Shall Be Well

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Your word, O Lord, like gentle dew
falls softly on my heart of hearts,
awakening me to all the glory
of this blessed day.

I behold your wonder within
a single flower –
rejoicing in the abundance of
beauty that your grace bestows.

Walking forth to meet the dawn
I carry with me the Presence
of your love —
to guide each step
with your unending care.

In the brightness of your Light
I see the way ~ ~
new vistas that shine love into each hour;
and all now shall be well . . . all shall be well.

~ Anna Lin

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Morning Prayer

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Loving God,
Creator of Light and Life,
As the morning sun rises this early morn,
may the light of your love rise up
within my heart, to shine through me
as the glorious sun.

~ Morning Prayers of Anna Lin

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Anna Lin

Deep Waters Flowing ~ ~ ~

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Deep waters flowing through me,
Christening all that speaks of life,
as Your grace resides among the rivulets,
that emerge to find their Source.
With Your power and Your glory,
they gain strength to fully be ~
Streams of mercy flowing onward,
filling oceans of Love’s being.

~ Anna Lin
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