Whatever Is True . . . Think On These Things

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Truth is an explosion of insight, despite whatever tears we cry. It’s the realization that love will prevail because only love is real; that anything not love is an illusion that will pass; that you and everyone else are innocent in God’s eyes; that forgiveness is always the answer; that what is reconciled in our hearts invokes new beginnings in our lives; that underneath our conflicts all of us are one; that life is eternal and that no one and nothing, not even death itself, can put asunder whom God hath brought together; that miracles are natural and love works miracles. That God goes with us wherever we go because God is in our mind. Today, let’s choose what thoughts we think, so forgiveness can happen, miracles can bless us, and laughter and love can return and stay. Forever and ever. Amen
~ Marianne Williamson