A Mother’s Day Remembered

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The heart remembers
all the moments
of a love so deeply shared;
The mother’s touch
of beauty on your soul.
The lifting up of spirits
that were brought down
for a time ~
she gathered into angel dust
and poofed away.

The flowers of fair beauty
that she tended faithfully
now bloom in sweet remembrance
for the hour;
There is no loss of wonder
for the magic they beheld
within her mystic presence
as she cared for lovely souls.

A heartbeat soon recalls
all the love she had to bear ~
within her gentle offerings of grace;
With Jesus ~ her companion ~
she lived daily in His peace;
and spread His kindly love
with all she’d meet.

Into this moment
she comes gently once again ~
softly speaking words of tender love:
“My child ~ my Beloved
you adored shall always be ~
Love lives on in grateful hearts
~ ~ ~ eternally.”

~ Anna Lin

Photo at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/42784265187119665/
For many, this Mother’s Day will be tinged with sadness for the loss of
mothers in our lives. This poem was written for my mother-in-law, Ann.
I shall sit with a rose in her honor ~ in remembrance of her love and grace.

Honoring My Mother For Every Year Of My Life

Mom and I

I am grateful to honor my 93 year old Mom this Mother’s Day.

Dear Mom, Thank you for all the love you have shared as my mother over the past 66 years. Here are 66 ways that I Love You.

  1. You always ask God’s blessing on me whenever we talk.
  2. You taught me to love the beauty of flowers ~ especially forget-me-nots and geraniums.
  3. You taught me to love good cooking.
  4. I especially love your meatballs and
  5. Your BBQ with chili sauce.
  6. You taught me to enjoy good times with family and friends. Continue reading