Artist Of Poetry You Come


Artist of Poetry You come
to lead me on this day;
I know not how or why or when
I shall be given the words to sing
upon my heart and soul.

Yet You have promised to send them
to my being –
to feed the hunger
that lives inside of me.

O blessed One
whose only thought is Love,
Come forth to teach me
ever of Your ways. Continue reading

Writing As Prayer

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Writing poetry as prayer
the words express the
love upon my heart.

This knowing gladness of
my time with Thee ~
to nurture all that’s
given with gracious generosity.

Your Presence fills my soul
with grandeur every day
to know the One who
births all love and joy.

I claim the wonders
offered always there
if I but pause to see.

Your blessings fill me
with delight;
and I bow
to humbly write as prayer.

~ Anna Lin

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