The Truth Of Breathing

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I come here to remember,
to feel more deeply the truth that I know.
I breathe in, the sound of my breath
blending with the river of running,
and the wind gently blowing by.
I close my eyes and go within.
I am one with the Infinite;
like the river, I am connected to the Source.

Here, in the peaceful clarity of the symphony
of the leaves rustling in the trees,
I easily call to mind and know the truth
of my Divinity.
Like the constant rhythm of an ocean’s waves
moving against and away from the shore,
my breath gently rocks me,
soothing me, reminding me I am whole.

The simple truth of my connection to Spirit hums,
a vibration in every cell of my being
repeating itself with every breath: I am.
I am one with God.

~ Karmen Bennett (in DAILY WORD)
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