I Am Thinking Of You

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I am thinking of you all during these holy days of Christmas.

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I am thinking of how you are like shining lights within our world today.

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I am thinking of how your love and generosity is caring for the needs of others.

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I am thinking of God’s gracious love shown to us through the birth
of Jesus Christ ~ the Savior of the world.

May the song of the angels on that first Christmas night still sing
in our hearts today:

“Glory to God in the highest ~ and on earth, peace and good will to all.”

Merry Christmas ~ ~ ~ Anna Lin (Linda Thomsen)

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This Christmas Day

Nativity scene

This is the joy of Christmas morn,
When creatures of God in mirth
Sing carols of peace, and hope, and love
To tell of our Savior’s birth.

No eye has seen, no mind has known
The wonder of this great gift;
Yet still we look to see the babe
With joy our hearts to lift.

Hush now child upon the hay
Angels watch ’til dawn,
Glistening radiance sent to say
Christ the Lord is born.

~ Anna Lin