How Are Things With Your Soul?

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Dearly Beloved,

Since this is a website about healing the soul, may I ask: How are things with your soul?

I know, that’s a very personal question, and you may notice resistance coming up in yourself. It’s normal to want to set boundaries to protect ourselves from judgment of others.

Relax, dear friend. I’m not asking this question to put you on the defensive, or to make you feel like you have to answer to me.

Dear one, can you see it as an invitation to think on it in the safety and quiet of your own sacred space some time today?

It seems like a good thing to have a check-up on your soul now and then ~
to be aware if you are:

~ truly living from your soul rather than from someone else’s agenda that’s put upon you

~ to notice is there is any wounding in your soul that needs to be brought to light and healed

~ to be aware if your soul is in communion with the Divine or is longing for this connection and is crying out: “For You alone my soul in silence waits.”

How are things with your soul, dear friend?

Here’s a gentle prayer song for a moment of Healing Grace ~

May you be in the flow of Healing Soul Streams on this day.

~ Anna Lin