This Glorious Day Of Spring


Upon this glorious day of spring
I rise to live into the Light;
Forever following Your way of peace
that draws me to the quiet streams.

I ask for nothing but to be
in Holy Stillness for this hour;
Aware that You shall watch with me,
I have no thoughts of bitter woe. Continue reading

It Must Be Spring


There is a mildness in the air ~
A softness in the soil;
And there is less of weariness
In struggle and in toil.
The sun is somewhat warmer now ~
The sky a brighter blue;
And something seems to tell the heart
That life is fresh and new.
It must be time for spring again ~
And time to look around;
For greener grass and flowers fair
To decorate the ground. Continue reading

Women’s Ways of Knowing

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I sit among the willows, soft and still,
The hush of silence resting in my soul;
A fragrant flower calls to me, “Arise,
Walk tenderly the pathway of your heart.”
A bidding to release the pain of old
And live in quiet adoration of our Lord;
To strive for nothing other than his love,
And be the gentle flower, one, alone.

It is decided now, this verdant plan,
To grow more fully in the light,
To let the past be buried in the earth
The new seed nourished in his sight.
Awakening to the spring of garden’s fair
I reach unto the sun that draws me on;
Beginning to be settled in the way
Of solitude, of prayer, at One.

~  Anna Lin

Heavenly Sunshine


“The daylight is lasting a little longer each day, and I walk around in the garden
looking for the green that I lost last autumn.  When I spy a leaf pushing up through
the soil, I feel like kicking up my heels.

I knew that spring was hiding in the winter garden all along.  It was tightly
curled inside the gray suede buds on the dogwood.  It lay out of sight under
the mulch, under a few inches of soil, in swelling bulbs and corms.  Now the
stirrings of life are everywhere as plants come out of their solstice slumber.
The garden is responding to the longer warmer days of spring.  It’s the
sunlight, now more abundant, that get the new growth going.”
~ Joyce Sackett  from In God’s Garden  Continue reading

Spring Song

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O deep heart of sorrow
that sees no sign of life;
Buried in the snow drifts,
filled with winter’s strife;
Kept in stone cold darkness
bulbs are sleeping still,
Waiting for the turning
of the dreadful chill.

Suddenly we see it,
faint new green so dear;
Like whispers in the wind
signs of spring appear.
Shouts of joy in silence
bursting forth in song,
Promises of goodness,
carrying me along.

~~~ Anna Lin