Could Be

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Could be
that the April day arising
has the power of new birth ~
blossoming within
I feel the power of her grace
within my soul.

She manages to reach all
the hidden parts of me,
that languish in the
dark cells,
ever dying, ever still.

Could be
that the seed of life
will rise this very day ~
opening to the Light
that shines her way ~
beckoning her forth
into streams of golden rays,
living proof of wonders
sent to say:

“Tiniest of flowers –
you are born to beautify ~
simply being – is your greatest gift;
offer this to all
who would stand upon this place,
gazing into wonder, awe, and praise.

No one can deny
yours is more than words can say ~
as you bless with grace
this quiet hour;
giving, O so freely,
of yourself to all who gaze ~
into simple elegance,
your power.”

~ Anna Lin
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Healing Soul Streams

Healer of my soul  ~  Quiet me in Holy Stillness

For over 15 years this has been my prelude to prayer as I begin a reflective time with God every morning.  I don’t even remember exactly how these words came to me ~  but I knew that there was some deep significance for my life ~  so I just kept going with them day by day.  Over time I began to see that what was needed more than anything in my life was the healing of my soul.  If my soul could heal ~ everything in my life would come together for my highest and best good. Continue reading