How can we welcome the Word of God when it’s so easily snatched away by the busyness of our lives; or the rocks of bitterness, greed and apathy; or the thorns of despair and worry?

There is an ancient and much loved way of tending the soul and integrating God’s word into our hearts called lectio divina, literally “divine reading”.  Lectio Divina uses a contemplative process of reflective reading of scripture and other sacred writings (lectio).

We read and reflect, read and reflect, holding the word in our hearts and asking to know the divine truth we need for our lives this day (meditatio).
We may talk to God as casually as we talk to a friend (oratio).

When suddenly a new truth is revealed, there is a moment of awareness, of re-awakening, and we rest in oneness with God to drink in the meaning of this insight for our lives (contemplio). Continue reading