Gracious Wisdom

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“Somehow I feel sure that the most direct route to religious experience is to ask for the grace to give, to share, to console another, to bandage a hurting wound, to lift a fallen human spirit, to mend a quarrel, to search out a forgotten friend, to dismiss a suspicion and replace it with trust, to encourage someone who has lost faith, to let someone who feels helpless do a favor for me, to keep a promise, to bury an old grudge, to reduce my demands on others, to fight for a principle, to express gratitude, to overcome a fear, to appreciate the beauty of nature, to tell others I love them, and then to tell them again.”

– John Powell, S.J.
in Through Seasons of the Heart

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In The Mists Of Silent Wonder

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Shadows dancing
in the mists of silent wonder,
enticing me to hear their silent prayer;
Speaking words of wisdom for the hour,
to mend my brokeness and deep despair.

I shall stop a moment to reflect
on all the mysteries our lives must bear,
to fully know God’s ever tender mercy,
and Christ’s great love and constant presence here.

~ Night Prayers of Anna Lin

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No Other

DSCF1020O most glorious day of Life
I come to you with songs of praise;
Your Presence has renewed my soul,
Your Love has healed my wounded heart;
There is no other, but to be
With You as daystars rise to greet the dawn;
No other, but to have your word
Of blessing sing unto my heart each day.
Forever will I seek Your face,
As moments of wondering wander in;
No other but Your wisdom now
Can teach me all I need to know.
If ever there is doubt or care,
I shall return unto this hour;
For here is peace upon the world,
All else is nothing ~ ~ ~
There is NO OTHER.
~  Anna Lin

“Lord, to whom shall we go?
YOU have the words of Eternal Life?”
John 6:68