What Is Your Word?

Flourishing tree 1512469_413190878814445_2046932150_n

What Is Your Word?

Have you chosen your word for 2015? . . .
a word that speaks to you from the depths of your soul
. . . a word given to you by the Divine Source to
carry you through the year to inspire, encourage,
and empower you? . . .
one that energizes you to be your highest and
best self?

Last year my word was Flourish ~
and I held the image of a beautiful tree ~
flourishing into the fullness of Life and Love,
and it became so in ways I never could have
imagined ~ ~ ~ I Flourished.

This year my word is GLORY ~ ~ ~
and I am called to let the Glory of God
become fully alive in me, through me,
as me in a deeper way than ever before.
I have only just begun to know the meaning
this word has in store for me as I move
through 2015.

What is your word?
Ask ~ seek ~ ~ and you
shall find it.

It will be given to you
according to God’s will.

May it be so.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
and a light unto my way.”
Psalm 119: 105