Listen Child

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Listen child ~
Can you not hear
the whispers of
a love song
now softly
singing through your soul —
reaching forth
to heal your tender heart
of all things ill?

My grace shall hold you
through these passages of shadow
that veil the Light of Glory
that is with you every hour.

In this mist
you cannot see
all that’s meant to bring you good;
As my purpose for your life
comes to be revealed.

This time is for trusting
all that’s meant to grow you strong;
as you learn the truths of holding to the Light.

See there ~
I am with you
always sharing in your pain;
always mercifully caring for you
step by step each day.

Rise up now, my child,
as I guide you forth this day;
My strength shall be your solace
come what may.

~ Prayers of Anna Lin

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9 thoughts on “Listen Child

  1. Dearest Anna Lin..this poem touched my soul this morning as I thought of a little one named Katarina age, 4yrs., undergoing serious surgery tomorrow and my Carlo 3 1/2yrs. with his Autism and my loss..we so need to be reminded that our God, is an awesome God and there for us..but we are mortal and forget. Thank you for helping is remember…

  2. Anna Lin, I too truly needed to read these words today as I wait for a phone call which will allow me to know the outcome of a very serious matter I brought to the attention of an animal hospital. I wait now for more then 6 hours for one of the owners to call me, and how I needed to hear the word “trust” and many others you write here. This may not sound like a big deal to you but I and my husband take care of 14 special needs cats, and if we loose this hospital right now, all because I spoke Truth, I honestly don’t know what I will do. Especially right now with one ill who needs to be seen. Bless you from the bottom of my Heart! Love, Amy ❤

    • Dear Amy, Your situation sounds very challenging. Please know that my prayers are with you for a merciful outcome to continue the care you offer to special needs cats. I’m grateful that these whispers of God’s grace could help you through this time. Much love to you, Anna Lin ❤

      • Anna Lin, Bless you!!! Yesterday was a nightmare for in receiving the phone call, I was told lies regarding my character to the effect, I was no longer able to bring my cats to that facility. The blood actually drained from my face with shock as I heard in my ear all the horrible reasons why they dont’ want me there anymore. All this AFTER I wrote a letter about a blood draw I witness that was very very wrong. I spoke Truth. That Truth was not accepted so in return I got bashed to a pulp. To be desribed in such a manner I didn’t even recognize the person they were describing, believe me, is shocking. I caught them in many lies during that conversation. “The Light when shown on darkness shall show that darkness” …. And that my friend, is what happened and the vipers stung. Today I have taken one of my cats to a new clinic due to having a urinary infection. Thank YOU for your prayers!!!!! Love, Amy ❤

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