My Ancient Gardener

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Green-thumbed God,
my ancient gardener,
I spread my branches
to treat you to shade
so we can talk.

My relationship to you
has been ambiguous.
I have always shivered
under your pruning knife,
but I have lapped up
your watering.

I was hurt that you
did not protect me
from the destructive winds,
but I trust your accurate eye
to design my future shape.
I rest in your dream of me.

I will reward your quiet murmurings
(encouraging me to grow)
by pushing up another shoot.

Before the cold of winter,
I will throw myself into magnificence
that will take your breath away.
I will be flowing gold,
transparent yellow,
I will be sun behind shifting sun
in every leaf.

Can you hear that I talk to you
through colors?
Are you listening to the love prayers
of my leaves?

~ Ulrich Schaffer

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Silent The Leaves

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Silent the leaves often are and secretive,
but just as often they converse as if the secret
were too good to be kept to themselves.
Whispering in a breeze, rustling, even singing
and always in harmony with the wind that plays to them,
they give their message.

~ Elizabeth Yates in A Book of Hours
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A Moment Of Gratitude: Light One Candle Today


“It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
To sing praise to your name, O Most High”
~ Psalm 92:1

Have you noticed lately how good it makes you feel to genuinely thank someone for being in your life? It changes the energy between people to acknowledge the relationship and honor what that person means to you.

We all love to hear that we are special and that we make a difference in the world.

It’s the same with our relationship with God ~ the Divine Source of our life.

When we take a moment to offer thanks for all of God’s goodness and tender mercy, the bond between us grows stronger and we are blessed.

There’s a wonderful site at where you can go and light a candle of gratitude to offer thanks for some blessing God has bestowed upon your life.

Take a minute today to light one candle,
to offer a moment of gratitude,
to reflect on all that you have been given from our gracious God.
And then share it with someone close to you.

It is good to give thanks to the Lord;
To sing praise to your name, O Most High.

Pondering The Mysteries Of The Soul


All the leaves are gone – – and the sky is gray

The beauty of Autumn is fading into Frost Time;
I see the glistening upon the branches, stark and bare.

I feel my body sinking deeper into hibernation mode,
Wanting to rest from my labors now that summer’s o’er.

It’s such a good time to BE in reflection – –
Retreat Time for awhile.

There’s much to ponder as I think about new ideas
that have come my way – –
to stretch and grow – evolving into more of being
fully human, and divine. Continue reading

Through All The Seasons Of Mercy


Crimson leaves upon the vine;
Partakers of your suffering love.
Soon to drop, and fall, and die,
Bearing life into the earth.

Memories of former days,
When in your light the life blood flowed;
Recalling moments,
sounds of jay –
Celebration of the spring.

Winter white shall shroud your passing,
Covering o’er the mournful death;
Only time can reawaken,
Bursting forth new life at last.

~  Anna Lin