Let All That Is Within Me Cry “Holy”



This morning I spent time in silence to see where my focus lies. My wandering mind tells me that I focus my energy on how to “fix” things — how to get to perfection. I was given the breath word HOLY for this day. It helps me to re-focus on all that is God, rather than on myself and my needs. This is a great help to prayer.

But I recognize this is also a great challenge to prayer. For within this awareness of the Holy, is the element of Holy Fear. Fear of this nature is fear of the unknown — fear of the mystery of God that is unknowable, that cannot be controlled or contained. I sense within me a fear of surrendering my power, my control. I sense a fear of unworthiness in the presence of the Holy One. Then I recall Luther’s explanation of the first commandment: to fear, love, and trust in God above all things. Part of me wants to move beyond this Holy Fear. Perhaps I always need to keep this awesome reverence, however:

-in order to recognize the Holy Presence that is so much greater than I am
-to fall on my knees
-to worship
-to honor God above all things

Holy Fear — it is good to be aware of this aspect of our God.
Consumed by fire
I kneel in awe this day,
Bowing my heart in reverent Holy Fear.
Facing the wind — that Breath
who blows through me.
Power Almighty –
Power to set me free.

Falling in silence, I cannot speak a word
in silence – the Spirit touches me.
In silent awe I rest, to be restored,
In silent peace, I come,
now, healed by Thee.

O precious truth that silently has come
into my presence, softly, tenderly;
You rest, to dwell inside my very being.
O mystery so deep, so wonderously, I see.

Forever within this realm of grace
I stand aside, to offer all of me;
Forgiven by one whose nail scarred hands reach out,
with merciful love,
your blessing I receive.

~ Anna Lin
from prayer journal Oct. 25/03

10 thoughts on “Let All That Is Within Me Cry “Holy”

  1. In the Bible the word “perfect,” as in, “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect,” is best translated as “whole.” To be who we were made to be. In silence, we do reach perfection, but it is not our typical definition of perfection.

  2. Hi there,
    Thank you for clarifying the true translation for “perfection” as being “wholeness”.
    In my reflection I was intentionally misusing the word perfection as an example of how often we
    strive for perfection inappropriately in our lives. I appreciate your comment to assist anyone reading this post who may not realize the preferred translation.

  3. Reblogged this on Sophia's Children and commented:
    It’s a rich and wonderful contemplative and spiritual practice to invite a word or theme for reflection. Each word has a frequency or a power or a ‘mood’ of its own, which is why certain words and themes are more helpful than others when we’re ‘cultivating’ through spiritual practice.

    I’ve been in reflection for keynote words and themes as guides for the coming year — and several have arisen into my awareness (I’ll likely be writing about each soon) — so when I came upon Anna Lin’s post about the word ‘Holy’ I wanted to pass it along to you.
    It reminded me of a bit of holy wisdom I’ve shared before here at Sophia’s Children:

    “Take off your shoes,

    for the place where you are

    standing is holy ground.”
    (Exodus 3:5)
    Enjoy Anna Lin’s own reflection on this evocative word-reflection.
    Big Love,

    • Dear Jamie,
      I appreciate that you have reblogged this post of mine.
      I am grateful to be reflecting on Holy Awe this bleak January day.
      I will be watching for your reflections on your other words, which also happen to be significant for me as well.
      Blessings to you in the realm of Sophia’s gracious loving spirit.

  4. A beautiful treatise on “perfection” “Wholeness” “holiness.” Years ago I was given a definition of “integrity” as being “whole and complete.” I believe that we were created by Creator in a state of wholeness and completion, meaning we were given everything we needed from the beginning. Part of the package was “free will” the gift of being able to turn our backs on the very perfection of ourselves as God’s image. It’s been a long, slow (sometimes agonizing) trek back toward the wholeness (holiness) of our pristine origins. I continue to believe that many of us are almost Home and that every moment spent in the NOW gives us a taste of our innate perfection. Well done, Anna and thank you Jamie for sharing this gem with us, Alia

    • Thank you so much, Alia, for your beautiful reflections on my post.
      I too have found the path you follow to be true ~ whole ~ and the integrity of our being.
      I am grateful to connect with you here as we continue to find our way HOME.
      Blessings to you, Anna Lin

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