Light One Candle: How Will I Bring Hope To Someone Today?

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Light One Candle: How will I bring Hope to someone today?

If you are in the practice of using an advent wreath, this week we
light one candle ~ the candle of HOPE. Our focus is on reflections of HOPE in our lives.

As we light our candle of HOPE, or reflect on the theme of HOPE,
let’s also be open to promptings that encourage us to BE a light of HOPE in the world today.

  • Maybe it’s a phone call or card sent to someone who is lonely or hurting
  • It could be buying mittens and caps for a homeless shelter

  • You could make a donation for world hunger, such as the United Nations World Food Program. $29. will feed a Syrian refugee for a whole month.
    That’s where I’m sending money today.
    Here’s a link:

In the comments, please share how you will be a light of HOPE for someone today, and maybe everyday throughout this season of Advent.
In this way we encourage one another to be Christ Lights in the world.

Blessings to you ~ Anna Lin

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