Seek Peace and Pursue It

Advent peace

In 2006 the peace of an Amish community in Pennsylvania was shattered when a gunman intruded a schoolhouse and shot ten young girls, killing 5 of them before turning the gun upon himself. I was overcome with compassion for their community of faithful people. And then, I was amazed as I watched how they dealt with such tragedy. In the midst of their overwhelming grief, they offered immediate forgiveness and reached out to comfort and care for the shooter’s family.

I listened closely when an interviewer asked one: “How are you able to have such a forgiving attitude?”
The answer was something like:
“It is because our lives are continually focused on the love of Jesus, and through that we develop 100% inner peace within us.”

100% inner peace. I wrote that down, because I knew at that moment I wanted that in my life. 100% inner peace no matter what difficulties come to me. That has become an overriding intention for my life.
I have found that it comes gradually, as I learn to trust the Divine Source no matter what the circumstances. We learn to grow in grace and peace.

This, my friends, is the gift of Christmas. The Prince of Peace is given to us so that we may know 100% inner peace. Not just for ourselves, but so that it naturally flows out bringing peace to all the world.

On this day, may you seek peace and pursue it with all your heart and soul.
And may the gift of 100% inner peace be born in you through Christ. Amen.

Seek peace and pursue it. Psalm 34:14

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