Let All That Is Within Me Cry “Holy”



This morning I spent time in silence to see where my focus lies. My wandering mind tells me that I focus my energy on how to “fix” things — how to get to perfection. I was given the breath word HOLY for this day. It helps me to re-focus on all that is God, rather than on myself and my needs. This is a great help to prayer.

But I recognize this is also a great challenge to prayer. For within this awareness of the Holy, is the element of Holy Fear. Fear of this nature is fear of the unknown — fear of the mystery of God that is unknowable, that cannot be controlled or contained. I sense within me a fear of surrendering my power, my control. I sense a fear of unworthiness in the presence of the Holy One. Then I recall Luther’s explanation of the first commandment: to fear, love, and trust in God above all things. Part of me wants to move beyond this Holy Fear. Perhaps I always need to keep this awesome reverence, however: Continue reading

I Cherish Quiet Time

Bibbie cherish  580620_10151655024652702_1493810922_n

It finally feels as if I am finding my way to my own life.

In the quietness I now allow myself to take each morning,

I realize that this life is mine . . . finally. It has taken me

a long time to know that and to unearth it from under all

that buried it . . . it is mine and I care deeply about it . . .

I am beginning to understand the meaning of the words

“to cherish.” There is a hush, a sense of waiting . . . as

I watch my life unfold itself to me newly each day and

beckon me onward to its unfoldment.

~ Judith Duerk

(Grateful for permission to use photo by Bibbie Friman Awakening Photographer Facebook)


Caring For The Least Of Those Among Us



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Where do I begin?
I never look at the masses as my responsibility.
I look at the individual.
I can love only one person at a time.
I can feed only one person at a time.

Just one, one, one.
You get closer to Christ by coming closer to each other.
As Jesus said, “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers,
you do to me.” Continue reading

Mystery of Life


Mystery of life
Your song for me today is
fully LOVE ~
I rest upon the truth
of knowing I am blessed to be
the child of wonder
that your heart adores.

You come to hold me in
the stillness of this sacred hour ~
tenderly speaking to my
anxious mind ~ “Be still”

Here, only peace is offered
to the wandering soul ~
For in your Presence ~
all is well.

I rise to live this day
with gratitude and praise ~
In JoyfulSong your
dance of life lives on.

~ Anna Lin

Earth Day – April 22 – 2014

eagle  tumblr_mnq4dsLPO81rub0hvo1_500

Have I Left the Eagle to Soar in Freedom?

The time will soon be here when my grandchild will long for the cry of a loon,
the flash of a salmon, the whisper of spruce needles, or the screech of an eagle.

But he will not make friends with any of these creatures and when his heart aches
with longing he will curse me.

Have I done all to keep the air fresh?
Have I cared enough about the water?
Have I left the eagle to soar in freedom?

~ Chief Dan George