A Blessing For The Traveler


A Blessing For The Traveler

Every time you leave home,
Another road takes you
Into a world you were never in.

New strangers on other paths await.
New places that have never seen you
Will startle a little at your entry.
Old places that know you well
Will pretend nothing
Changed since your last visit. Continue reading

Denman Beach


Sunlight –
warmth upon my body
and my soul.
Blazen message of this time to BE.
in God’s path alone,
Knowing all that comes
is meant for me.

Gift of a moment,
sifting sands move on,
Flowing outward –
into depths of night,
Lost forever, chance
to see beyond,
In the morrow,
comes again in sight.

~  Anna Lin

Quiet Beauty

Thank you for showing me this style of cinquain, Ishan.
You’ve given a beautiful example.



Pearl of Being
Anchoring the chaos
Beautiful soul consumed in peace

Born from within
Hiding in human souls
Eyes spill the secret of its light


My first attempt at a cinquain. I really like the style!

Image found at: http://www.scoop.it/t/my-photo/p/2531712733/2012/08/29/quiet-beauty

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Out here in the woods I can think of nothing except God
and it is not so much that I think of Him either. I am as aware
of Him as of the sun and the clouds and the blue sky and the
thin cedar trees. When I first came out here, I was asleep . . .
But I read a few lines from the Desert Fathers and then, after that,
my whole being was full of serenity and vigilance. Continue reading

Now is the Time



In this world of games and play
Where distractions numb the mind
Don’t lay waste to precious Life
Killing time with knife in hand

Feed your heart what it’s starving for
Feed it Truth that leads to peace
Throw away your thousand masks
Unveil your Light of Being

By your bed lies countless books
With words of the blessed ones
They point to that sacred path
Hoping you’ll walk to your Self

Stop talking about the way
Now is the time for action
Stop chasing your tail around
Let your heart fly to the skies

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Timeless Honor And Blessing Come Your Way




Timeless honor and blessing come your way
to lead you forth into the glorious Light;
Your hand is grasped by spirit power,
to guide you into heights of grandest praise.

You will not know the exactness of your life,
It is to trust that you are called each day.
Keep close to Jesus as the weeks move on;
It is for knowing Him your heart does crave.

Renewed in faith ~ the days come into being
as Holy Presence fills your heart and soul;
‘Tis all that matters for the present now ~
to be at home ~ ~ ~ at one.

~ Anna Lin

Keeping Silence: What Is It Good For?

Silence is the practice of holding grace within your soul. Contemplate where you feel grace being distributed to you. Follow the flow of grace to where it leads: What part of your inner life is being illuminated for you to examine? What is being asked of you? You are receiving guidance. Identify it here. Consciously recognize it in every part of your being, every sense, mind and body. For every prayer, there is a response. For every thought, there is a counterthought. For every action, there is a ruling of your conscience. You are never without divine guidance; you are never outside the orbit of divine sight. You have only to pay attention, to observe, to listen, to feel, and to respond. Responding heightens your senses and attunes you to your soul. Pay attention. You received it. Now accept it. Be quick. Respond from within your Castle.

~ Caroline Myss, Entering the Castle, p. 237